CampusSource – An open source initiative to provide tools for learning with new media

CampusSource is an open source initiative which makes the results of research at universities on the technical infrastructure required for the set up and operation of a virtual university available for wider use. The aim of the open source initiative is to unite the efforts of individual universities and to make the platforms and tools, which are  a technical pre-requisite for a virtual university, available to all those interested in using it and developing it further. This would be within the framework of defined terms and conditions of an open source license.

The aim of the initiative CampusSource is to facilitate a process of co-operation for the development of software technologies which support the use of new media in vocational and further training.  The software infrastructures of the educational institutes, the potential synergies enabled through the exchange of own-developments, practical experience as well as the standardization of developments are the main points of interest here. With this in mind, CampusSource has set up a forum and an “exchange” where the appropriate software is on offer.

By allowing other educational institutes to use the software it enables third parties to build on already existing software and new funds are used for the further development of existing systems instead of each institution developing its own system parallel to others and thus wasting developmental resources. Thus the continued existence of the software is guaranteed even in financially difficult times. Furthermore the financial resources currently available can be used sensibly and precisely. The only way to achieve enough strength to remain competitive on a worldwide basis is by uniting our efforts.

It is also the aim of the initiative to externally document the efforts of the universities and to make a name for ourselves as competent developers of software technologies which assist the use of new media in vocational and further training. With time, the aim is to maintain and build on this leading position.  To enable this we cannot leave the continued development of software to the rest but have to significantly participate in the discussion on further development in a professional manner and win over an active and dedicated community of developers.


Prof. Firoz Kaderali Print