The Learning Content Publishing System FuXML

The learning content publishing system FuXML is used for the authoring, maintenance, production and distribution of learning materials at the FernUniversität Hagen. These learning materials are printed, sent to students and published in HTML format, as CD-ROM or as an online version within the learning environment of the virtual university. One of the greatest added values of the system is the possibility for a modern media university to create and maintain the same content for both issues (print and electronic) in a single document. It is then no longer necessary to edit two editions; the multimedia features of the online version are created separately.

Based on the standardized Document Type Definition (DTD) which already takes the editorial and didactical needs of the FernUniversität into consideration, an XML format, which is the technical basis of the system is created and stored in a database.

FuXML formalizes and standardizes the processes for creating learning materials for all faculties –without limiting or preventing individual ideas.  The development of multimedia courses in particular becomes less complicated. As a result of this, the amount of maintenance required has been reduced considerably. This enables cross media publishing meaning that the creation and use of learning materials at the FernUniversität has become more flexible.

An open source version of the cross media publishing system FuXML, openFuXML, has been developed and is available free of charge in the CampusSource exchange.



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