CampusContent is one of only four performance centers focused on research information and funded by the German Research Foundation  (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG) over a period of five years. The principles and methods of software engineering are coupled with the requirements and findings of modern media didactics in this interdisciplinary research project.

CampusContent improves the concept of using digital learning materials and aims to enable their use on a broader basis. In order to achieve this, learning materials, which can be from several authors, are made more compatible and didactical functions are added. For example learning activities and learning objectives are linked to the course content. The objective is to establish an environment which allows teachers to collect and exchange learning materials and, assisted by the system, create online seminars.

The project is based on an iterative approach i.e. suggestions for solutions are initially reduced to their core and then methodically elaborated on. The final development of a prototype consists of the use of the developed methods and techniques as well as the incorporation of examples. One of the focal points of the project is to accompany the establishment of a CampusContent Community. During the project the intermediate results should be phased into the normal teaching and learning processes at the FernUniversität. Other interested parties may also avail of these results, which will be continually evaluated and observed.


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