Firoz Kaderali, Olaf Ehlert

Experience with Open Source for e-Learning
EADTU Annual Conference Madrid, "E-Bologna" - Progressing the European Learning Space, Spain, Madrid, 06.11. - 08.11.2003


Firoz Kaderali, Olaf Ehlert

Future Development of e-Learning Tools - a Review of the Open Source Initiative Campus Source
ICETA 2003, Seite 269 - 272, ISBN 80-89066-67-4

Olaf Ehlert

A formal description for functional dependencies in a component based system for packet level network applications
Dagstuhl Seminar, Dependability of Component Based Systems, 03.11.-08.11.2002

Thomas Bonse, Michael Stepping, Olaf Ehlert

Vernetzte Multimediakommunikation auf der Basis von MPEG-4
report of Fachgebiet Kommunikationssysteme at FeU, 1998 (german)

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Olaf Ehlert

Security Issues - How Secure is the Internet?
Energy Companies and the Internet: Present Experiences and Future Opportunities, The Hague, 14. Mai 1997

Firoz Kaderali, Olaf Ehlert

Stand des Networking in Deutschland
1. G-IIA-Symposium, 23.-24. September 1996, Bochum

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