Thomas Bonse, Michael Stepping

MPEG-4 PC - Authoring and Playing of MPEG-4 Content
contribution to EMMSEC conference from 21.-23.6.1999, Stockholm, Sweden

Thomas Bonse, Michael Stepping

Broadcast Multimediaübertragung auf der Basis von MPEG-4
contribution to 8. Dortmunder Multimediaseminar, 27.-29.9.1999 (german)

Thomas Bonse, Michael Stepping

MPEG-4 -- Neue Nutzungspotentiale in der Fernlehre
FERNSEH- und KINO-TECHNIK 54.Jahrgang Nr. 1-2/2000

Thomas Bonse, Michael Stepping, Olaf Ehlert

Vernetzte Multimediakommunikation auf der Basis von MPEG-4
report of Fachgebiet Kommunikationssysteme at FeU, 1998 (german)

Thomas Demuth

"Tools for Teaching & Learning in the Network"
ICDE 2001, 20th World Conference On Open Learning And Distance Education, 01.-05.04.2001

Thomas Demuth

A Passive Attack on the Privacy of Web Users Using Standard Log Information
Workshop on Privacy Enhancing Technologies, San Francisco, USA, 2002

Thomas Demuth

Establishing bilateral anonymous communication in open networks
IFIP-SEC 2002, 17th International Conference on Information Security, Kairo, Ägypten, 2002

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