Markus Schneider

On the Contruction and Upper Bounds of Balanced and Correlation-immune Functions
Proceedings of Fourth Annual Workshop on Selected Areas in Cryptography SAC '97, August 11-12, 1997, Carleton University, Ottawa Ontario, Canada

Werner Poguntke

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Markus Schneider, Oliver Stutzke

On the Number of Binary Sequences with Good Linear Complexity Profiles
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Firoz Kaderali

Open Source für das Lehren mit neuen Medien
Learntec 2003, Seite 181-186, ISSN 1433-4167

Firoz Kaderali

Open Source für den Einsatz neuer Medien in der Lehre
VDE Kongress 2004, 18-20. Oktober 2004 Berlin, Band 1, Seite 37 - 41


Werner Poguntke

Order-theoretic aspects of scheduling, Contemporary Mathematics
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Andreas Rieke

Parameter Independent Performance Analysis of Cyclic Codes
Proceedings of the 5th UK/Australian International Symposium on DSP for Communication Systems, Perth, Australien, Februar 1999

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