Thomas Demuth

"Tools for Teaching & Learning in the Network"
ICDE 2001, 20th World Conference On Open Learning And Distance Education, 01.-05.04.2001

Omid Amirhamzeh Tafreschi, Markus Schneider, Peter Fankhauser, Bendick Mahleko, Thomas Tesch

From Call for Tenders to Sealed-Bid Auction for Mediated eCommerce
9th IFIP 2.6 Working Conference on Database Semantics (DS-9), Hong Kong, April 25 -28, 2001

Markus Schneider, Thomas Keinz

Proof of Authorship for Copyright Protection in OPELIX
EVA 2001, March 2001, Firenze, Italy

Manfred Hauswirth, Mehdi Jazayeri, Markus Schneider

A phase model for e-commerce business models and its application to security assessment
Thirty-Fourth Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-34) January 2001, Proceedings, IEEE Computer Society Press

Firoz Kaderali (Hrsg.)

Handbuch Unternehmensnetze - Zukunftssicherer Einsatz und Betrieb heterogener DV- und TK-Netze
Fachverlag Deutscher Wirtschaftsdienst, Köln, 2001

Dirk Westhoff

An Optimistic Third Party Protocol to Protect a Mobile Agent's Binary Code
International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering 11(5), 2001

Markus Schneider, Oliver Stutzke

"How to Count Sequences with Special Cryptographic Relevance"
Published Dezember 2000 in "International Journal of Electronics and Communications", Urban & Fischer Verlag

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