Christoph Bach, Andreas Grebe

Performance comparison of Media Access Protocols in the Gbit/s range
5th IFIP Conference on High Performance Networking, HPN '94, Grenoble, June 27 - July 1, 1994, pp. 47 - 61

Christoph Bach, Andreas Grebe

Performance comparison of ATMR and CRMA-II in Gbit/s-LANs
IEEE International Conference on Communications, ICC '94, New Orleans, May 1-5, 1994, pp. 716-720

Christoph Bach, Andreas Grebe

Comparison and performance evaluation of CRMA-II and ATMR
Eleventh Annual Conference on European Fibre Optic Communications and Networks, EFOC&N '93, The Hague, June 1993, Paper No. 147, pp.282

Andreas Grebe

Performance Analysis of CRMA-II for Gbit/s-LANs
Conference on Local and Metropolitan Area Networks, Proceedings SPIE, Vol. 1975, pp.189-200, Berlin, April 1993

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