Markus Schneider, Oliver Stutzke

On the Number of Binary Sequences with Good Linear Complexity Profiles
3rd IEEE/ITG Conference on Source and Channel Coding, ITG Fachbericht 159, VDE Verlag, 2000

Markus Schneider, Oliver Stutzke

"How to Count Sequences with Special Cryptographic Relevance"
Published Dezember 2000 in "International Journal of Electronics and Communications", Urban & Fischer Verlag

Markus Schneider

A Note on Linear Complexity Profiles
Proceedings of 4th International Symposium on Communications Theory and Applications, 13-18 July, 1997

Markus Schneider

On the Contruction and Upper Bounds of Balanced and Correlation-immune Functions
Proceedings of Fourth Annual Workshop on Selected Areas in Cryptography SAC '97, August 11-12, 1997, Carleton University, Ottawa Ontario, Canada

Markus Schneider

A Note on the Construction and Upper Bounds of Correlation-Immune Functions
Cryptography and Coding, 6th IMA International Conference, Cirencester, December 1997, Proceedings, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1355, Springer Verlag

Markus Schneider

On Distribution Properties of Sequences with Perfect Linear Complexity Profiles
Information Processing Letters, Vol. 74, No. 3-4, May 2000

Manfred Hauswirth, Mehdi Jazayeri, Markus Schneider

A phase model for e-commerce business models and its application to security assessment
Thirty-Fourth Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-34) January 2001, Proceedings, IEEE Computer Society Press

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