S. Bezrukov, Firoz Kaderali, Werner Poguntke

On Central Spanning Trees of a Graph
Proceedings 8th Franco-Japanese-4th, Franco-Chinese Conference, Combinatories and Computer Science (CCS '95), Brest, July 3-5 1995

Sonja Schaup, Markus Schneider

Systeme zur elektronischen Bezahlung - Ein Überblick
Workshop, Verletzlichkeitspotentiale der Informationsgesellschaft, Münster, September 1997

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Suphithat Songsiri

A New Approach for Computation Result Protection in the Mobile Agent Paradigm
IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC 2005)


Suphithat Songsiri

A Naming Service Architecture and Optimal Periodical Update Scheme for a Multi Mobile Agent System
IEEE, International Conference on Intelligent Agents, Web Technology and Internet Commerce - IAWTIC' 2005


Suphithat Songsiri

MTrust: a reputation-based trust model for a mobile agent system
Konferenz "The 3rd International Conference on Autonomic and Trusted Computing (ATC-06)", Wuhan ,China, 03. bis 06.09.2006 ISBN: 978-3-540-38619-3


Thomas Bonse

Netzbasierte Videokommunikation - Konzepte und Entwicklungen in MPEG-4
contribution to 2. ITG Anwendertagung in Stuttgart, October 1998 (german)

Thomas Bonse, Michael Stepping

MPEG-4 PC - Authoring and Playing of MPEG-4 Content for Local and Broadcast Applications
contribution to ECMAST conference from 26.-28.5.1999, Madrid, Spain

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